Dear Spa Oasis. Firstly I must thank you for the excellent service with the on site services aboard Rosehearty. Not easy as we were moving around a lot. The girls, both of them, were exceptional, thoughtful and professional giving my guests a wonderful experience onboard there boat. Wayan especially was expert and adept. they were a real pleasure to have onboard. We will definitely look for you on our return, hopefully in the not too distant future now we have re discovered Bermuda All the Best

- Captain David Hutchison, Master, Rosehearty



Dear Spa Oasis team, I was like to express my gratitude for my wonderful spa treatment I had on Friday December 9th 2016. My experience was both enjoyable and relaxing; from the moment I entered I was greeted with such positive energy and smiles. The staff was very friendly; they made sure I was comfortable as they offered me something to drink while I waited for my treatment. I would like thank the receptionist due to the fact I was very indecisive about what I wanted to have, she took the time out to inform me about the different treatments they had to offer and what would best suit me as I explained to her what I was looking for. Must I say “She was right”, she suggested an Asian Blend which was 60mins with a wonderful lady name Surya. I did not wait; my treatment was right on time which I was very pleased with! Over all my experience was great and I thought I should share this with you. I will be coming back again and I can’t wait to try different treatments. I will spread the word about Spa Oasis and the wonderful experience I had with your team. Sincerely,

- Vanessa R



I am Kathy . At the age of 49 I suffer 2 very small and 1 big stroke that left me paralyzed with some long term left-side weakness. My brain had to be retrained to do many things differently this would include walking and balancing. I went to every physical therapy (PT) appointment and I was very successful. After discharge from PT I started thinking I could do better but didn’t know where to go. I heard about Spa Oasis and decided to give them a try. Late 2013, I went to the then Spa Oasis and received treatment concentrating on my weaknesses. The massage therapy was intense in the first instances but I remained committed. Bola my therapist worked continuously and encouraged me to stay focused and continue with my exercise. He also worked out a schedule that was manageable for me which got me in to the Spa as often as possible.
I have gained so much strength in my leg and hand that I can now move fingers a little and demonstrate some resistance. This is so exciting because only months of stretching my muscles and encouragement from Bola I am feeling great. I can raise and drop my shoulders. These are things I absolutely could not do before 2013. I will continue go to the Spa Oasis because I believe that one day I will have a full range of motion in of my body.
I am glad the name was changed to Spa Oasis because it truly reflect a place of refuge!

- Kathy Hayward


The ambiance of Spa Oasis surrounds you immediately upon entering the reception area. You are greeted by friendly employees and then ushered into the main spa area where you can endulge in pedicures, manicures, facials and various types of massage. My favourite is the deep tissue massage combined with traditional Thai massage which involves stretching the various limbs of the body in order to limber up ligaments. The massage rooms are clean and comfortable and I often find myself slipping into a light slumber as my hour and a half massage draws to an end. I have made a visit to Thai Home Spa an essential part of my weekend in order to maintain and relax my body after a week of work. Visit Spa Oasis, you will not be disappointed!

– Sylvian Richards


I had a full day package together with my girlfriend at Spa Oasis; it’s my 3rd time there in 6 months!! Such a beautiful place and the staff are so friendly.

- W. Tucker


On each of my visits I have experienced friendly staff, excellent service and clean hygienic treatment rooms – which all keep me coming back. I am recommending Spa Oasis to all my friends and to all!.

- J. Harman


Had an fantastic day at the Spa Oasis. The spa is truly amazing and the ginger tea is just lovely , already planning my return visit

- Suresh Nairu


I highly recommend Spa Oasis. The staff and ambiance are stellar and help to simultaneously relax your body and soul. It's my first choice-and who doesn’t want to indulge a little sometimes

- Enid Jacobs


I first learned of Spa Oasis through Bhola for massage therapy and I must say it was one of the best discoveries I have made in a while. On my very first appointment, I left that day satisfied and the experience was way beyond my expectations! It was a very calm and relaxing experience
The prices are extremely reasonable and they always have specials going showcasing their services. After my first visit, I ended up purchasing a massage, a facial, manicure and pedicure. The massage was by far one of the best I've ever had! The manicure/pedicure was great. They have an incredible massage chair that totally relaxed me during the treatment. On top of the great services provided and great customer care, the atmosphere is just perfect! As the Spa is in a house, it gives it a very comfy, homey feeling to it with a relaxing spa vibe. The facility is clean, smells great and offers a wide variety of treatments. I absolutely am in love with everything about Spa Oasis and the staff are top notch! I'll definitely will return and tell all my friends about it! Please, keep up the great work and your contributions are greatly appreciated

- Jocene Wade Harmon


Spa Oasis is a little gem. Off street parking and a calm, pleasant atmosphere. Affordable treatments and great pedicures!

- Carolyn Boyd


Spa Oasis is indeed an oasis of relaxation. My husband and I had the pleasure of being introduced to the spa over one year ago. We have traveled all over the world and have been able to sample many spas through the years, but nothing compares to Spa Oasis.

- M. Dill


I choose Spa Oasis for its ambience, professionalism, excellent customer relation and the highest quality service. My expectations are always met


- Pauline D Monteith